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New to the Fizzbomb for 2019!

How it works: In 2019-2020 Xtreme Million Qualifiers will be held throughout the Country.

Contestants will pay a $1,250 Entry Fee you are guaranteed 2 runs at the qualifier with a chance to make the Xtreme Million Finals. There is no additional entry fee if you qualify for the Xtreme Million Finals.

The Xtreme Million Finals will be held in Salina Utah at the Blackhawk Arena where Xtreme Barrel Racing began in 1992.

You can enter the Xtreme Million qualifiers as many times as you would like. Because we understand that things can happen with horses we will only be going off of rider. This means you can qualify on the same horse multiple times. Run whatever horse(s) you would like at the finals, yes even the same horse more than once or with a different qualified rider.

Enter this Qualifier by calling/Texting Burns Events 435-893-5639
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